Old Man Pain

For a few days lately I have felt like I am an old man being in quite a lot of pain. I assumed it was the booze I drank over the weekend but here I am on Tuesday and it has not eased at all. It could be loads of toxins in my blood I guess, the booze not clearing and the excersise I did last week combining but it is just not nice.
Last night I went to panto rehearsals with Robin and it was fun for one reason or another. I think he’ll pull off a small miracle if they are ready by 28th November but if anyone can do it, I am sure Robin can. Poor Robin got a flat tyre last night but those nice people from the RAC sorted it out though somewhat stupidly agreed to Robin not having to be here over the phone then moaned about it when they got here!
In a warped way, it is good to hear that my friend Pete is going through the same sort of thing as me feeling like his life is not his own, he has no real freedom and that inanimate objects are ganging up on him, I am not totally mad then!
Oh bugger this, I am trying to have a yawn as I need one but it just hurts too much so I can’t.
I believe I have identified a program needed to remove copy protection from already owned DVD’s so they can be backed up, it is called  DVD Region+CSS Free and seems like it could do the job.
Autoglass are meant to turn up this morning … no doubt I shall be adding another not to this blog later

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