Two days in a row

For two days now I have felt quite happy for no apparent reason despite having good reason for not feeling that way. Of course, it is not all good news, physically I am positively not so clever at all but I guess that will sort itself out.
The car, no change since yesterday, no one called.
Went to look at two care homes earlier, one in St Neots, the other in Bedford. The first was a waste of time, they didn’t even have any vacancies which could have been communicated before visiting of course. The second seems like it could be ideal but potentially expensive, I can’t see social services going for it, or, I can see them stalling for so long over who would fund it that by the time they agree to there are no vacancies anyway.
I think I have the day off tomorrow, no one has said otherwise as yet though my mate Paul did mention something about visiting but then, he also said something about calling first. As he hasn’t, I assume he isn’t coming. Robin will be over in the afternoon though to go over a script with Matt.

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