Updates (crap title but better than nothing)

The Autoglass thing I believe is near enough sorted. My insurers are so annoyed at the attitude of Autoglass that they are going to pay for the repairs themselves. As they said, Autoglass had a duty of care and that included to them to check out the car before commencing any work. That they didn’t do that kind of invalidates any argument so they’ll do it.
This morning I had an interview at the job centre and it all went just as I planned. The guy seemed amazed at how confident I was and seemed to find it thoroughly refreshing that I was keen to start work. He made a point of saying there was no way I was sorted to lower spec jobs, I was just too experienced for that so that has to be good. I have set up a meeting with an advisoy body next week to explore how to clarify my skills and that should lead into some quite useful training, I am really looking forward to it. It’s like a whole new begining for me.
This afternoon I have a meeting with the BBC which I am sure is not influencing social services in any way to make a point of having someone call me back even if it is one of the bosses to deal with minor details. I am quite enjoying this and my upbeat feeling is still here, amazing.
Quite worried about Robin, he doesn’t seem at all well. I know these things come and go but it’s quite upsetting all the same, wish there was something I could do about it.
Off to see Pete this evening and may try to get over to Robin after that if there is time.

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