Care Homes

Broadly on the subject of care homes this …
Looked at one a few weeks ago in Bedford and what a lovely house, I think it will be ideal in many ways for Jermaine, I have another similar if less opulent place to look at in Kettering next week. Ideal in many ways but not all is the problem here. Both have the same problem, neither has medical needs facilities and Jermaine’s medical needs are only likely to get more profound as he gets older. Effectively, neither place can offer long term care as they are reliant on the generosity of outside bodies to offer the full package that Jermaine needs and that could be withdrawn at any time, we have seen it enough already with Quarry House and Eleanor Lodge. What Jermaine needs is somewhere long term with all his care needs met.
On that note, yesterday I visited the Chalfont Centre in Bucks, Robin came along which was really essential under the circumstances because I was incredibly tired.
They do have everything that Jermaine needs, full medical provision, comfortable surroundings, a little too clinical for my liking but it can be changed to meet his needs. They have workshops and therapy units, both occupational therapy and physiotherapy on site as would be an epilepsy consultant. We need to wait for another month or so before they can offer him a place but it is looking promising just as long as I can force social services and health in Northampton to fund it which, as I understand it, will be something like £3000 a week, that’s £150,000 each year, they are not going to like it.

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