Boy, This one is Late!

Firstly, the updates …
My insurers have been sitting on their hands awaiting something from the dreaded ‘AutoGlass’ but nothing has been forthcoming except promises. In the meantime, I am still waiting for something to get moving regards to getting my car sorted.
I have told Social Services that I need to have the hours carers are here greatly increased, they seem less than enthusiastic. That is going to panel next Tuesday so expect me to be seething some time on Wednesday.
My MP, Sally Keeble, has yet to respond at all to letters written to her several weeks ago, no surprise there then.
One of Jermaine’s big carers broke one of my chairs earlier and then told me I have to go buy a new one. I said I’d call his boss and get him to buy a new one!
The care home we want for Jermaine in Bedford is still having real trouble getting the go ahead to have someone approve the insulin injections, again, no surprise there.
On a more relaxed note, the weekend just gone went really well.
Yet again I entered the wrong information into the satnav which added an hour to my journey, boy was I knackered by the time I arrived at David & Greg’s in Clapham!
Spent a short while watching Children in Need but then, the details of the reaction I got from that are in the previous thread!
Got up at a reasonable time and after breakfast with the guys I headed for the station and my onward trip to Waterloo and then the Tate Modern to meet the Kagoul guys.
Martyn and I played a short game of swapsy with our phone calls which made me go and start the giggles getting several people giving me strange looks. So, in for a penny, in for a pound, I followed a little kid down the stairs skipping all the way, he and I both had great fun.
Walked all the way to Tate Modern only to discover the guys were headed back for the London Eye that I had just walked from, oh well, keeps me fit I guess.
The London Eye was amazing, rather, the views were amazing, the Eye itself was rather ordinary as rides go. There are plenty of pictures to look at on
Followed this with a meal at Café Emm’s which was OK, nothing spectacular in itself but the company made up for it.
Several of the guys went off to check into hotels whilst 6 of us went on to the Duke of Wellington for drinks and to reserve tables. The others joined us later and a fun time was had by nearly all.
Back to David & Greg’s by midnight, slept in until gone 9am and then headed home around 11am, home here by 1:15 in the afternoon on a lovely crisp winter day (OK, technically autumn but if it looks like and smells like winter, it’s winter whatever the season!)

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