Daisy Problems

Got to Gary & Toms around 3:40 to a short snow flurry, really cold!

Spoke to Daisy on MSN and she seemed stressed out, going on about Matt getting at her, making her do things that she shouldn’t have to do and he wasn’t even home yet.

I find out this morning that this girl Sinead has been causing DJ all sorts of problems. Apparently she was phoning our number at home a lot last night being threatening to Daisy, she had openly threatened Daisy at school a few times.

Now Daisy wants to swap schools, clearly the anti-bullying policy at Duston is not working.

Not sure what to do now to be honest, all a bit of a mess as these things tend to be. I guess it should really start with a chat to her (Sinead’s) parents but I am not overly optimistic about that. What is my greatest fear is that we end up back in the same situation as we were in the Eastern District, our only salvation may be that Sinead’s parents are supposed to be lesbians so maybe the homophobia won’t be an issue now.

The very last thing we need right now when we have so many changes going on is to be harassed by anyone outside the home.

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