One more week of work

Great weekend of doing virtually nothing at Gary & Toms. Could have done without the Sinead hassle but that’s my job so I am not complaining.

On Sunday I left around 10:00 and headed over to see Steve (squirrel from Kagoul) near Felixstowe and had a lovely gossip. Poor guy, he’s stuck between his new found feelings for his fella and the loss he feels for his uncle who died recently.

Following on from that I went to see John in Woodbridge, or, just outside. SatNav seems to think the road doesn’t exist which was rather annoying! I am looking forward to going to stay with John in a few weeks, should be fun.

Soon after I got back to Northampton I visited a guy called Jason I had been chatting to for a while on MSN. He’s really nice and, again, I shall look forward to going back.

On Monday morning Johnson, one of the carers, left Jermaine’s insulin out of his school bag which meant a call from Wren Spinney school insisting I got it to them else they’d send him home. Somewhat pissed off I just called up the agency and got Johnson to come collect it and take it there himself!

I bought some internal aerial’s hoping we would get a good signal but no such luck. One is reasonably OK in Jermaine’s room so at least that shuts the carers up.

Today I have been so tired it is unreal. This has not stopped me still having to do the normal rounds of phone calls and letter writing which is getting tiresome in the extreme.

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