Meetings and then some

Went to an update meeting at social services earlier. Most sent their apologies, they had better things to do.
As usual it lasted way too long but there was a lot to cover and mind sets to change.
I am still not happy that this POVA thing still seems to have me down as the criminal whereas the ones that really failed on Black Friday were social services and it should be them that have to justify themselves and not me. I did manage to get that in the minutes which will be submitted as part of the POVA.
Succeeded in getting J Heep to pass most of the work onto Steve Mills seeing as he actually works for social services full time so may get things sorted. Several things had not been actioned since the last meeting, this is not a great shock. J Adams wanted to say that the problems which caused the POVA in the first place were now resolved but I had to point out that they are only partially resolved and even though carers come in, I cannot automatically call upon them to take over should I be ill.
Took some time to persuade the Jackie’s (only ones to turn up) that they needed to get a statement from health to clarify whether or not signing a residential care home worker as competent to give insulin was something which was voluntary. If it is then such a situation is not sustainable. That means, they can stop looking at care homes that don’t have medical provision.
I have personally been very successful in what I had planned to do today and got exactly what I needed from the home in Chalfont St Peter. Also sent off to the Northants consultant and he will write to social services too.
My radio interview with Northants 96 went wonderfully, perfect timing in fact what with the meeting this morning.

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