Friday Update

Now, what did I do Friday? Let me see …
The morning was quite relaxed (apart from the washing and having to get up to see to Jermaine’s insulin, make sure Zoey went off to school etc) Matt and Daisy slept in for quite a while which was OK, enabled me to get things sorted that needed doing.
In the afternoon we went up to Kettering as Jermaine had to go for his pre op assessment. As I predicted, Jermaine actually didn’t need to be there at all, rather pointless collecting him. It was just a question an answer session with the surgical team. He should get his teeth sorted next month but they are already saying that may be cancelled and put to another day, let’s just hope they don’t do it on the day else that would make it very difficult.
Evening time and we went to ‘Puss in Boots’ in Eydon, directed by Robin (wonderfully of course). I really got it into it, first time I have ever really enjoyed a panto to be honest. I think knowing the cast helped that as I was also terribly proud of what they had achieved. True, there was some awful casting but then, when so many put their names forward for parts there is inevitably going to be a casting issue. That aside, it was excellent and most amusing, well done them.
After we retired to the pub for nibbles that exceeded my expectations. It was also great to meet up with the luvvies too, I am really getting to enjoy their company and think I shall miss them now that Robin has finished doing his thing over that way, maybe next year?
I sometimes wonder, when I write this ‘ere blog, who is reading it? I do know that Robin will, so will Nick and so will Martyn so hi guys! I don’t know who else so if you read it and want to say hi, do let me know … contacting me is easy, just write steve@ and finish the rest with the domain, that will get to me. I can also add you to the blog notification service so you don’t have to visit, each new entry would be sent to you!
Martyn, thanks for all the really nice things you have written about me and said about me recently, I am always going on about you one way or another and it is all positive!
Getting quite excited about my trip to Disneyland Paris, a little sad no adult company will be with me but I am sure we will have a good time all the same.
Plans for Saturday … erm, not a lot. We do need to go out as Zoey has not got enough socks, that or the carers have managed to put all those missing items from our wardrobes into Jermaine’s, he seems to have more clothes now than we do! Later we are going to watch the DVD of Fantastic Four or maybe go to the cinema to see the Brothers Grimm, quite a nice day really.

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