The First Full Day

Breakfast next day and there was a shock when we discovered that Admiral’s floor guests only get to use a separate breakfast room at the discretion of the management and they were not so generous on this occasion so we had to queue along with many others to have what I can but describe as a very basic meal served by indifferent staff.

Today was our day to be doing photographs and movies which we did quite well albeit we did cancel a planned trip back into the Disneyland Park for some night time movie making. Matt spent some time winding Daisy up and she, in turn, wound him up. None of the kids were wearing warm enough clothing but it’s not like they have to listen to me.

Didn’t really do that many rides today, was not really in the mood. We made a point of watching the Lion King at Videopolis which was totally excellent.

The highlight of the day was the ride we had in the balloon high above the lake which afforded us an amazing view of the entire area, I mean, truly amazing, breath taken, just about as many ‘wows’ as it is possibly to attribute to one experience.

Our evening meal was at Planet Hollywood which I viewed with some trepidation but it was unfounded. They have redeemed themselves some way with this evenings experience with them. Not enough that I shall believe they are over their terrible service, high prices theory but who knows, maybe they have?

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