Paris Here We Come!

On Thursday we got up late … I would have tried to sleep all day I think as I got hardly any during the night. The kids reckon I have sleep apnoea from the sound of my snoring so perhaps I’d best sort that out but worse than that was the agony I was getting from my right knee, any pressure at all and it was like having it twisted off my leg, no way could I sleep through it. This sharing a bed with Daisy thing is not so clever either, never have I known someone move about so much in bed! At one point, no word of a lie, she was on top of me then kicked me in the privates!

Breakfast was a fiasco; they didn’t quite sort out what they were doing in the hotel so when we got down there around 10:30 we had to go to the conference room which felt as though it had been converted to breakfast on the quick. There was no refrigeration for the fresh meats, they could not supply bowls quick enough, all in all, a mess. To make matters worse, they were clearing up before guests had finished eating. I am sure, just a few minutes more and there would have been the vacuum cleaner over the floor too.

Paris was just fine, just where I had left it. We did the galleries to death, had a quick peak at the Eiffel Tower, walked to the Moulin Rouge and then got totally lost heading for the Champs Elysee where we just went in the Virgin Megastore for some reason. Got some pictures of the Arc de Triomphe then hopped on the double Decker train back the Disney.

As a little sub note, at some point my ipod died, these really are such incredibly good inventions with such an amazingly poor reliability record! Hopefully I will be able to get a replacement.

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