Last Full Day :-(

This is our last full day and we have opted for the room service breakfast. Though we have paid for inclusive breakfast and one of the advantages of staying on the Admiral’s floor and paying extra for it is room service, we still have to pay an additional €10 for the food which is the same as we would get in the main ‘canteen’. I have also opted for the English breakfast which is supposed to be an extra €6.40. Now, the menu mentions this is (room service breakfast) a price per room up to 5 people yet, I suspect, this €6.40 is actually per person. Hell, it would not surprise me if they didn’t charge the whole thing per person! One thing I have become more and more aware of is just how much of a rip off Disney in Paris is especially compared to Florida. Clearly they are cutting costs wherever they can. There are no lit arches as part of the Christmas decorations over Main Street USA. The lights have gone from the Village. The hotel does not provide chocolates on the pillows anymore. The inflatable toys have gone from the pool; several rides are either closed or have restricted opening times. There does seem to be a lot less cast members than ever before too, I could be imagining it but that’s what it looks like.
Breakfast was OK, I was right, that was €6.40 each not per room. This theory of the Admiral’s floor having room service, WiFi etc is all well and good but it reminds me of the joke of the hotel that charges for use of the Rolls Royce, the waiter, the laundry etc and when the guest claims they didn’t use any of that, they are told “But it was there is you wanted it sir”. This is, of course, different because whilst we have paid extra for the facilities of WiFi, Room Service etc, we can’t actually access them unless we pay extra so, unless these things are a vital requirement, what is the point in paying twice for them? I mean, it is not as though they ask a notional fee, the fee for staying on the Admirals floor (there are 4 of them by the way) is something over £200 so that just gets permission to pay extra for additional services? Yeah, this is another Disney rip-off.

Time to head off to the parks and, this time, no cameras as I am travelling light! OK, I lied about no cameras as I did take the still camera!

It has been a good day, none of the kids really unhappy, a few gripes but not as many as I would expect. I am certainly missing adult company, that of a very few select people as it happens … still, bought some gifts for those people today which doesn’t make me feel any better but at least they will know I was thinking about them.

Had dinner at the Blue Lagoon in the Disneyland Park, a very enjoyable couple of hours, not a cheap meal at €115 but I guess I shall not be doing that sort of thing too often!

Matt and Daisy did some ice skating earlier and seemed to enjoy it, Zoey and I didn’t, me because I am scared for my legs and Zoey as she just can’t skate!

All packed up and ready to go. (Ipod started working again)

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