Talk About Screaming!

OK, first gripe, I still don’t have my car back and am having to drive around a total pile of Ford Produced Pants. They call it a ‘Ka’, I suspect they spent months and a few million getting someone’s toddler to think that up. So impressed were they by the young mite that they asked him to design it to and then sent it off to Little Tikes to put into production .. grrr

I had a meeting with health this morning … patronising self opinionated bitches the pair of them. They were both so far up their own arses they could see daylight through their teeth.

After doing a load of investigation this afternoon and this evening I discover that they were let off way too light. It would appear that they not only got it wrong with regard to this PoVA issue but they got it ‘very’ wrong and positively abused their positions. I’m not going to bore you with the gory details but suffice to say, they were total bitches (did I mention that) and the best I may possibly get is some sanctimonious apology from their Bitch in Chief but nothing will change!

Autoglass, yes, don’t we just love ‘em?

Well, I finally got to speak to the customer services team in head quarters and they tell me that they acknowledge that maybe some things were dealt with erroneously but perhaps I would consider talking to the branch manager again and have him lie out of his ass to me directly rather than through them. I declined their kind offer and suggested that she possibly stops chewing her gum long enough to reinvestigate with the optional possibility that a man being investigated could potentially be covering his own ass and not being entirely honest. In fact, my words were, the twat lied to me, he was consistent and lied to you, is that it then, do we just accept that and wait see what happens next time or do we do something about. She said she would call me back. (I am not holding my breath)

Social Service, this is Jacqueline Heep O’Shite we are talking about here, managed to water down our grant application from, they need £2000 to pay for the severe damage Jermaine has caused to all the furniture in his room, the carpets in his room, the upstairs hallways and down the stairs, the suite in the lounge and a table that he ruined in the lounge to … (this is good) ‘They want £2000 to buy some furniture for their son’s bedroom’. It’s a classic, y’gotta give it to the cow, when she screws up she does it big time! I have spoken to the man that makes these decisions and he is now putting it back to Jackie Adams to see if she may care to reword it and add some commitment to the application.

I heard from the police today regarding the complaint I forgot I had in with them with regard to the way we were treated in the old house and the way they acted here a month ago. They have completed their investigations and decided, y’all are going to love this too … the previous incidents were too complex so they are not going to deal with those but they do apologise for screwing up this time. Just how grateful am I for that? Yeah, I know, I can barely contain my excitement, I am going to orgasm here just thinking about it.

Jermaine, picked him up today and he smiled some 20 seconds after meeting me then he was miserable again and has remained that way for the rest of the day, it’s good to have him back again … oh dear.

Poor Robin, he came over to give me a lift to go pick Jermaine up but he is poorly, it really is a right crap time for him just now.

Had a nice long chat with Martyn last night. I was dead scared he’d freak and send me a polite email requesting I remove him from my list of contacts but he didn’t which, though this may seem pathetic to you dear reader, to me took a huge weight off my mind.

Now, tomorrow … hopefully I get my car back and then go see Robin and Julie

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