Is it really?

Yes, apparently it is only a few days away from Christmas, fancy that.

Talk about dumb, I thought it may be interesting not to take any medication for 24 hours seeing as I was barely hurting at all. OK, stupid thing to do.

Hmmm … what did I say I was doing today?

Ah yes, the car. Well, they called mid morning to day it would be ready at lunchtime and ‘by the way’ did I remember the £100 excess!

It took a couple of phone calls to get that one sorted with the insurance company that I didn’t owe anyone an excess as I had not actually made a claim and it is fairly traditional for someone to make a claim before they can start talking about excesses. Well, car back, no problem.

I asked Matt last night to get up by 08:15 to make sure that the carers were let in for Jermaine so he got up at 08:00. I got up just after 10:00 and no carers. Turns out that they had it in their tiny minds that as they had been here yesterday at 1pm that they should turn up every day at 1pm like I am going to be picking Jermaine up from respite every flippin’ day! When they turn up I am just finishing off changing Jermaine’s nappy and clothes and she says ‘Oh my, Steve is being a carer now, there is no end to his talents’. I am not one to be thinking of ending a life but I got very close to it this morning. Had it not been for the other carer piping up and mentioning that I had actually done it for nearly 19 years I think I would be writing an entirely different entry.

On the gay dads group that I run I am getting a little fed up with guys saying how Wonderful St Vernal of London is. It’s true, he is a lovely guy and does a lot but how about the guys who really are the ones that do the work? There are four moderators of the group and I bet hardly any of the members know who they are and certainly none of them are showing any thanks for them. Frankly, I find the whole thing very distasteful.

Got to meet Julie over Robin’s, always nice to meet Julie.

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