I’m up

I got about 4 hours sleep, probably scared the life out of a few friends, maybe upset one or two and for that I apologise.

In relation to health I still feel crap but it is a bad cold mixed up with being really tired which only 4 hours sleep will do for a person. Apart from that I feel quite upbeat. Writing what I did last night clearly helped even if I am not sure you, the reader, needed to read it.

Particular apologies to Martyn who got more messages than most and, just as Tony would have done, wisely decided not to reply but I am sure he’d have found it so much easier just to write back ‘sod off’.

Trying to drink my first coffee of the day, taken the best part of an hour so far as I made it then walked into the office direct from getting up and noticed a text from Matt saying how he was running really late, had missed his bus because Zoey would not cooperate and only have 25 minutes to get to the other side of town for an ‘A’ level exam. I left straight away but every light and stupid mother in her 4×4 was against us. At 8:55 we gave up as the remaining portion of the journey could not be done in that time and he was already borderline had he been there seeing as they are meant to be there 10 minutes prior to the exam. He can resit the thing in the summer so all is not lost.

I am supposed to be writing a presentation to my MP this morning before going to a meeting with Sue at the Carers Centre, not sure I will get that done in the 10 minutes I have left before I have to leave. Really, I felt updating you was more important, let you know I am OK, ill but OK. There is a pillow with my name on it for some time this afternoon though! 🙂

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