Earth to Brain

Well, no voice, such that my condition currently is, means no meeting. This did not stop me picking up the phone and dialing the number to apologise for me not being there. I was lucky, brain engaged before I pressed the green button!

My PDA is saving on the paper, I am writing what I need to say on there. I do need to have an emergency appointment with the doctor as clearly my optimism on this bug was unfounded and it isn’t going anywhere. I shall make myself a sign and place it around my neck I think but I know they will start asking all sorts of stupid questions and me communicating I have lost my voice won’t stop them! Matt still isn’t OK either so I am hoping he’s off college tomorrow and can call them for the pair of us.

Yes, I know, I was told I should have seen the doctor a few days ago, I shall do as I am told next time, promise.

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