Room for Improvement

Today has been a much better day for me. No where near as much pain and I have managed to eat a little. I actually feel quite stuffed on what was no more than an average watery lunch!

My comments the other day about Matt and DJ were wrong, silly dad.

Matt actually feels worse and Daisy’s ear has still not stopped leaking and is very painful for her. I had both of them back at the docs today. DJ has drops for her ear and Matt another course of penicilin but told that if he is not improved in a couple of days to go back and get a blood test in case it may be glandular fever. DJ had a swab done though I am not sure what that will prove.

Tomorrow, which will be today by now I should think, I have a meeting with the local MP about social services. I won’t be saying anything, I can’t. My advocate Sue will do all the chatting and I have prepared her some notes to make it a lot easier.

Got a cheque for £50 from AutoGlass earlier by way of a final settlement of my dispute with them. It’s what I paid them and what I expected to get and I didn’t have to pay out for any other repairs so I gues I am happy with that.

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