In and out the other side

Saying I am cured is taking things a little far but very nearly true. I am sort of eating normally. I can’t say I am because ‘normally’ before I got ill meant a whole lot more food than it does now.

Looking in the mirror I was convinced I had not lost weight yet went to the gym earlier and fully dressed carrying my ipod I was 9st 3lbs which is considerably less than I would have thought I was.

Matt has been telling me how some fat lesbian at college has been making him really angry today insisting that he has had ‘man flu’, in other words, a cold. I think I would have replied that actually, I was nearly better but that she was still an ugly fat lesbian!

Speaking of the gym, yes I did, up there somewhere … I did more than I thought I would today. On the cycle thingy and burnt off 100 calories which is pathetic for what I would normally do but ‘normally’ I would not be on the cycle thingy for 15 minutes. I was a little shocked how low I had to go with some of the weights but I did what I could manage so that’s a start. On one, the chest press, I used to do 60+kg yet only managed 28 today but that was way over a year ago now so I have to expect some failures.

I think I should stick to swimming anyway as I liked how my body got when I used to go three times a week and I’ll cancel the gym membership. That will save me £300 by the time Florida comes around which will all add to the enjoyment.

Very underspent in Tesco this month, amazing to be in credit for January, It is traditional that it runs in debt until March. Good in one way that I have some extra cash but then, I get less vouchers too which means I don’t have so many air miles to spend on Florida.

I figure if we can’t stay with Danny in October then we will just find a ‘days Inn’ or something similar and stay there overnight.

So wished Martyn could have been here last night, just really wanted to be with him, I know, soppy but that’s me.

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