High on a Hill was a Lonely Goatherd …

So, I have this urge to go climbing hills looking for lonely goatherds, what’s the problem with that I ask myself? OK, there is this chance I will be too knackered to do anything with him when I locate him but it’s a nice thought all the same! I can assure you this has nothing to do with lederhosen, I would remove that very quickly!

OK, cut scene to walking across the desert, scarf over mouth when beautiful boy is seen wandering naked across the peaks … stuff the camel and I don’t care if it gets the hump, I’m off to the rescue, someone needs to protect that young man from the sand and wash him in clear water getting to all those hard to reach places …

Meanwhile, back on the space station with young Bennett, the chief engineer fresh out of design school. Today will be an experimentation on the theory of zero gravity and its effect on the body during intercourse. I know, in the job spec this called for a woman but Bennett seemed ever so keen and the experiement needs to be done, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

I am sensing a theme here!

Important discovery: I can’t blow up balloons right now

Cats: George just jumped up and had a cuddle, this is unlike George

Important discovery (#2): Door to the room where the cats food is had been shut

Whickers on kittens, warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string … these things are actually quite boring and so last century

Where are friends in that list anyway Julie? Come on girl, keep up. No wonder she was in a convent if she placed friendship lower than mittens! “Yes, I would like to come have a meal and see a movie but I am playing with my mittens, maybe another night?”

Big Brother has ended and shock of shock, the non celeb won, now, no one could have predicted that one! I may actually watch the next one if they meet a few of my requirements:

1. All men please, none of these silly girlie things
2. All of the entrants must be either gay or bi or there must be a steady supply of beer in the fridge to ease them in that direction
3. All those evicted must come here to be debriefed
4. The winner gets me as his main prize and enough money to have some serious fun

OK, that ain’t gonna happen so I won’t watch it after all.

Weird and uninteresting fact: I woke up last night from a nightmare that I can’t remember in the slightest in a pool of sweat. Nightmares don’t normally do that to me so I am glad I can’t remember it. This said, I am assuming it was a nightmare, it may have been an imagined really horny session with dozens of cute young things and shit I can’t remember! (adopts angry face) … (Would possibly explain my relaxed feelings this morning though)

I am really happy about going to Florida later in the year. I’d love Martyn to come along but either way, I am going, I can just as easily stay with Robin, Mary and Sue. I’d still have my own car though, I have tried being in the States relying on others to get me about and I didn’t like it.

I’d prefer to go with Martyn for a few reasons …

1. He’s not been before so his thoughts on the place would be really interesting as would his reaction to theme parks and rides
2. A seperate villa would mean being able to swim naked in the pool
3. It would be someone there that I can have a good shag with … oops, am I allowed to say that?
4. He’ll be suggesting stuff he’d like to do that I may not have thought of
5. We get on really well and will have a good laugh!

Note: I get on really well with Robin in particular and I am sure I would with Mary and Sue as well but they already know each other well and I’d feel like an outsider at least for a while no matter what the intent, I just don’t share their history together, I’d be the wild card in the bunch which, I have to admit, I can live with quite easily 🙂

Bottom line is, I’d enjoy myself no matter what. I’ll make that decision and so will Martyn in GC. I know I can book stuff at the last minute but I do think it is only fair if I am going with the guys that they have as much notice as possible that I intend to do so.

I am getting the urge to go climbing hills again and if all I find is bloody mittens I am going mental!!!

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