Is it really already?

Oh my, this will never do … I have just been so neglecting this blog

What have I been up to then? Well, no flippin’ goat herds, that’s for sure.

My contract with my isp v21 expires in a couple of weeks and I am going to switch providers, I simply don’t need the aggro I get off them and they are no where near as cheap as they once were. Most likely be switching to Demon.

I am still not 100%, perhaps I should have settled for the mittens? Anyway, throat reasonably clear but I am still talking a little weird and cough now and then … I can live with that for now but will get it checked out if it carries on.

Just found out yesterday that the guy investigating the social services complaint sends his report to them and they add their conclusion which seems totally pointless, they just as well write it themselves if they don’t have to accept anything in it.

Things are finally moving on the placement for Jermaine to the Chalfont in Bucks. It turned out they sent their report to social services who didn’t think of passing it to health. I sent a reminder and health now have a copy so it is going to panel for them to throw a wobbly.

In the meantime back on the ranch, I have had to remind Temi, one of Jermaine’s carers, that she must be clear of the kitchen by 6pm. She has taken to not starting anything until 5:30 and still being in there doing washing up at 6:45 which was leaving no time for us to get a meal prepared properly and in private. I think they sometimes forget whose house this is. They also asked for Jermaine not to go into respite this weekend. Not because they thought there was some benefit to him or us but because they want the overtime, what a cheek!

Checked out Airmiles earlier to see if I would save money using them going to Florida later in the year. Turns out that if I fly to Atlanta I just save £110 but if I fly direct to Orlando I actually pay slightly more in cash than I would do if I booked the flights elsewhere. So, I spend £100 of Tesco vouchers to save £110, can’t see the point in that at all!

The minute I walked in the door (queue trumpets), I could see it needed cleaning so I got the mop out, how exciting was that? Not only that but I did two wash loads and don’t have any washing left to do in the house, in fact, sod all left to do at all! I am so going to get me some voluntary work because this is driving me nuts!

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