What a busy day!

Got the girls off to school, Matt had left already. Robin turned up around 9:30 and off we went to Sheffield to see Sue making good time on the way despite stopping for a drink on the way.

Had a great time with Sue, had to tell her that her ageing PC is well past its sell by date and she needs a new one but it really is and she does so there! Got the freeview working, my first one so pleased with that … a good signal helps! Got her new digital camera up and running and demonstrated that and also got her new telephones working as well. We had lunch at the Meadowhall Centre and I ate way more than normal and am still totally stuffed now! Arrived home shattered at something like 9:30 again so a 12 hour day and poor Robin must have been even more knackered as he’s going through a bad patch right now and did all the driving with me dozing off for several miles on the way home.

Daisy has managed to get up to 4 weeks grounding now because once again she has been telling lies and so blatant with it, she got a little slap too for being cheeky, I could have breathed on her harder but she got the point.

God I miss Tony

Been speaking to Liam in Wales quite a lot over the past few days. He’s 20 and cute and has a thing for older men. He’s fun to chat to but there is a certain distance involved and he’s unlikely to ever have a car and I am unlikely to ever do a journey to Wales just to say ‘hi’ so it’s not going anywhere. Besides … I do keep saying and mean it, I am not into casual sex with guys I hardly know so I guess nothing will happen at all!

Zoey’s teacher has again been upsetting her by insisting she brings in money for cookery even though I have mentioned several times now that I don’t pay for cookery items, if they want to have that part of the curriculum then the school can fund it … I get requests for money from that school almost daily, they just frankly take the piss.

The house stinks of overcooked fish, burnt rice and rotten eggs, I so wish it was summer so I could open all the doors and windows! Daisy had a cooking disaster earlier hence the smell and they were going to use some eggs but they had gone off, ewww.

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