Hmm, Thursday … what happened to the week then?

Daisy is off school again, more nasty letters on my doorstep about attendance no doubt.

Matt decided that leaving at 7:30 this morning was a great idea and it was … had this morning been not Thursday. As it was, this is Thursday and he realised upon arrival in town that he doesn’t start college until 11 on Thursday so called daddy to come rescue him and, whilst at it, buy him breakfast at McDonalds!

He was only at college for 1:30 so hardly worth me going home and I did have some shopping to do anyway so off I went to Tesco via anywhere I fancied to do some window shopping first!

Got a call from the Healthy Department earlier, appears they have approved the funding for Jermaine to go for an assessment at the Chalfont Centre. This is only a first step. Once the assessment period is over (about 4 weeks) they then meet again to decide if they are going to fund his placement there. They may decide that they can find somewhere that they believe meets his needs better (read cheaper) so I have a battle on my hands to get things moving beyond where we are now.

My weight is coming off really well, even I am amazed by it and I am paranoid I am going to wake up fat again … back in lycra t-shirts again and loving it. Shame there is no one to share it with but then I am more doing it for me than anyone else and I certainly do feel better for it, very rarely getting tired during the day now.

Oh, I bought a new keyboard … I probably mentioned that didn’t I? Well, had it a few days and loving it, so much easier and very few typos now.

Had a really good evening with Rob in Rugby last night, would be all the more fun were I to get off my pert little arse and do some BSL course but fun all the same.

Seems like Martyn is having a rough time of it with the panto … oh dear. What’s the worst that can happen eh? The thing is a total cock up, the audience roars with laughter at all the mistakes and has a great time and several members of the cast are plotting murder …. All good clean fun and as long as the audience has a good time the panto is a success even if Cinders loses her voice; the ugly sisters lose their knickers and Baron Hardup gets a hard-on!

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