What an end to a CRAP week

The fracture was a break and Matt is on liquids for two weeks then he can up his intake to scrambled eggs and mash and then, if he is really good, after 4 weeks to soft pasta … wow, what a lucky boy … all so a chav could have a moment of feeling big before he went home for a wank assuming he could find his dick. In a way Matt is lucky the break is still inline else he would have needed surgery, he still may if he knocks it.

I got a call from the respite centre last night. They told me Jermaine has not been at all well all week, seizures increased, generally very lethargic, lots of blanking out. I asked why they had not contacted me sooner but they didn’t seem to quite know why that was. I got there this morning and he had just had another seizure and it struck me as obvious to why the moment I walked in. One of their other residents was making one hell of a din, yelling and screaming constantly. I asked the carers there if he had been OK the previous week and he’d been fine, no seizures, no temper tantrums, really relaxed. I asked when the other resident had been admitted and they said a week ago and then confirmed the health problems started soon after that. I asked had no one checked his care plan that he is not to be put with noisy residents because it sparks off seizures and temper tantrums? Apparently they were unaware of this, somewhat of a revelation to them despite the fact that it was this care home that was telling me just a few months ago how badly Jermaine copes in a noisy environment. Next I asked why he was having milk and biscuits and was told he always has a mid morning snack. I asked where that was in his care plan and she didn’t know (it specifically says not to give snacks). I asked if his blood sugars were high but apparently they were 10.5 which is 3.5 points above the top level of ‘normal’. I asked why then he was being given foods that were essentially sugar at 11am when he was not expected to have lunch had he stayed there until 1pm? Apparently they always give this mid morning snack and always give him something to eat after a seizure … I mean, why even bother writing a care plan when these people ignore it anyway?

Eventually got him home here about midday and he was wet so I changed him and he went to his room, the carers didn’t turn up until 1:40 some 1:40 after they were booked for. I stupidly assumed they’d given him food but they hadn’t so when the district nurse arrived at tea time his sugars were 1.7 (that’s bloody low to them what don’t know). Obviously the nurse couldn’t give insulin and that was fine, he could have it when the district nurses came this evening … shortly after one of the carers decided to cook Jermaine his dinner. He didn’t select any food from Jermaine’s section of the freezer but rather just about anything he liked the look of which turned out to be 4 chicken and vegetable pies. His reasoning for cooking 4 pies? Well, apparently he thought if he cooked 4 he could give Jermaine one now and the other three over the next three days!

Anyway, he gave this food to Jermaine which he apparently didn’t touch but also several dextro tablets, God only knows how many because when the district nurses arrived at around 9pm his sugar levels were up to 25.7, trust me, that’s high. The book they have to work from tells them to give 5 units of fast acting insulin above his blood sugar levels, in this case it should have been 31. But no, because they were there to give him his maintenance dose insulin (totally different type, unrelated) they were not keen on giving both so they called up the out of hours GP who told them to just give 6 units of fast acting along with the other insulin and to make sure he gets something to eat because being in bed all night he obviously won’t burn anything up … I asked them to think about that for a while … if he won’t burn off any sugar over night then why give him food on top of an already way too low dose of insulin? They eventually agreed it made no sense but they had to do what the GP said … this is not Jermaine’s GP by the way, this guy knew nothing about Jermaine and clearly even less about his type of insulin regime! The nurses did eventually apologise for treating me as everyone else does as a nobody who knows nothing and left … I am very grateful for Robin being the other end of the phone so I could let off steam rather than telling the nurses directly what I thought of the whole idea and suggesting they just don’t bother coming back again.

Hopefully I have calmed down before the panto tomorrow else I will be saying such things as ‘turn round you twat, the fucker is behind you’ and ‘Oh no it isn’t you lying git’ which may not go down too well!

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