It doesn’t rain but it pours down

Still, enough about the crap weather and it is set to get colder too … but, enough about the weather already!

I love starting work early, it’s just such fun.

It dawned on me this morning that probably nobody had told the school transport to pick Jermaine up so I called them, woke the poor guy up in fact. It appears that the school is closed until Wednesday. One little problem just became a huge problem. I have Jermaine here and no carers.

Anyway, I do thankfully have some reliable emergency numbers to call now and was able to arrange for the carers to be here today and tomorrow after all so that is that little crisis over with and all before 7:35!

Don’t have a lot to do today, just some small shopping, Matt wants me to take a look at a music shop in town and then we are going to go over to Robin’s, this is assuming we can get Zoey out of bed which is proving more problematic than anything else I have done this morning.

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