At least the Sun is Shining

My friends have been amazing even though some of them must have been bloody fuming from my last entry; I guess I am really lucky to have all of them.

With their support, some lasting sunshine and me kicking myself up the arse (not easy I can tell ya) I’ll get over this. I just hate it when depression drops on me and I have to try and deal with it, it’s just so difficult to fight with myself.

I had a good lay in this morning and the sun is shining just now and I feel a lot better. I am not OK, I am aware of the risks of complacency but I do feel better.

Just had a text from Jason, he’s in Thailand right now and he was saying how even over there guys were asking after Tony and were really shocked to find out he had died. It truly is amazing to have someone the other side of the planet remember a person but, with Tony, not a surprise, he touched the lives of so many.

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