It could be argued that I have been ignoring my inner self and not writing this blog and that is a fair argument I am not going to make as I am already getting a little embarrassed that I am talking to myself again and in public no less.

Since I met Dave, or Dave met me or we just bumped into each other I have been reasonably busy on the life experiences front. Thankfully this did not involve riding horses and certainly nothing to do with banana boats which I have never done and, for reasons that escape me right now, have no plans to do even if visions of a very sexy scar do come to mind … I digress (but hold that thought for just a while) …………

I have been car hunting. Found a nice one but it was really too expensive for me. I could afford to buy it but running it would have cost me more so I skipped that one. I have looked at yet more piles of cack and certainly skipped those. Today I struck lucky (I hope) and found a car I can live with and I don’t even have to downsize to save money, it is actually bigger than my car! Annoyingly I have decided to go back to Citroen as they just happen to offer what I am looking for in the C5 2.2Hdi Exclusive automatic. It is also in silver which means I don’t have to get my mind set ready to find a different colour car in the car parks! I did try and get one of them what Martyn has but the only ones I could find were just totally awful colours, I never even realised they made them in such crap colours so I had to skip getting one of those. This C5 should be OK though.

NTL is working out OK. Had some little niggles but seems alright except my laptop doesn’t like it much and tends to log off now and then for some reason, I have no idea why. The laptop worked fine this weekend when I was over visiting Tom and Gary with Rob from Rugby.

Oh yes, I was in Clacton this weekend just gone and it was really nice and relaxing. I slept with Rob as they couldn’t find any bedding for the sofa and I do mean ‘slept’. Rob’s like a little brother to me so there is no way I’d do anything else.

Today I had Sue round to motivate me into clearing Jermaine’s room. I think that once it is decorated it will be known as the ‘J’ Lounge.

Tomorrow I am off to Chalfont to see Jermaine and spend the day with him but also to have a meeting there. I decided to make sure the meeting was late afternoon so that I could enjoy my time with Jermaine.

Nick got email dumped last week, I was very unimpressed by that … hopefully I can be a good friend to him and help him through what I know is a shit time … he’ll get there.

Still don’t appear to have had the discs from Danny which is dead annoying as I really want to make sure I have invited everyone to punting that I should have!
Robin was silly earlier and called the DLA people … now he is in panic mode because he knows an envelope will drop on his doorstep this week whereas he could have left it and it would have just happened! Hopefully it will be a short cut for us and good news, I suspect that with all the benefit cut backs and the dislike of those claiming long term sick, it’ll be a rejection and we’ll need to go see doctors and get it sorted properly on appeal

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