Breathing Problems

I have done a terrible thing which should be avoided, I have checked the web to see if I can find out what may be wrong with my throat as I am getting concerned that my breathing is getting increasingly difficult.

What I discovered is something called recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP) which is effectively a growth on or around the vocal chords that may have been caused by a HPV (HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS).

There is speculation that it may be created by oral sex with someone that has genital warts and those with low immune symptoms are most likely to be affected. This is not proven, on the contrary, it is seen as unlikely but cannot be ruled out.

Any and all airway problems require immediate attention.

RRP is a potentially life-threatening disease because it can result in complete respiratory obstruction.

Medications containing steroids, which tend to compromise immune function and may allow more aggressive growth of the papilloma

HPV probably affects only 5% and of those, only 0.005% develop RRP so it is really rare. Some experts speculate that perhaps those few who develop RRP have some subtle deficiency of the immune system.

The symptoms are voice and breathing problems.

So, if ever something was designed specifically for me, RRP seems to be it.

As my appointment is June 1 there is, I guess, a chance I could suffocate in the meantime but it may not be that serious right now.

Looking at the evidence:

I have a subtle deficiency in my immune system, sometimes moderate

I have had oral sex with someone who had warts (my choice entirely, he is totally no way to blame)

I am currently on a dose of steroids, the condition has got a lot worse since

I cannot talk clearly now, my voice drops out and I cough quite a bit

I am having trouble breathing

The GP is assuming it is a harmless polyp (and it may be) last time the growth was described as *benign* but it was also quite possible that my consultant was not looking for RRP as it is so rare. Having seen the video of what it looked like in me last time, it matched the pictures I have seen in a pdf to be found on

I am not sure I can keep getting back at the GP and hoping they will listen, maybe I should just write direct to the consultant, they may not even be aware I was given a steroid drug a few weeks ago.

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