The Minute He Walked in the Joint …

Retail therapy is all well and good but a guy comes down with a bump when the bills have to be entered into the accounts.

The new car is going well though the £60+ first fill up was a bit of a shock! Apart from that it is forward backward and round corners though with more ease than the Neon.

Visited IKEA in MK on Tuesday and found some things I quite liked which I may well buy for the ‘J’ lounge as we are calling it. Today we went to MK again to get Zoey some new clothes and I bought myself a jacket, some pink boxers and jeans. I believe Daisy got a jacket out of it but we rather annoyingly left the hat she bought on the counter in H&M.

Once back in Northampton we went to Homebase where Matt bought some paint and other things for his room and I bought some paint for the ‘J’ Lounge. I opted for green. This is not normally one of my colours but for some reason I thought it would appeal to me … here’s hoping!

Tomorrow we have a van rented and Matt and me are going to be taking it over to the tip filled with discarded furniture, way overdue IMO.

Friends get to learn each others little issues and accept them. I would hope that I know how my friends’ minds work and that they know I would not intentionally upset them and that I also understand that every now and then they will have what may appear to the world to be irrational thought but they are real to them, they exist and they would, I hope, know I am here to support them, help them work through it.

I spoke to my ENT consultants secretary earlier and she said she will be looking into things and seeing if I need to be seen sooner.

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