Movie Time, on the Piss and Pain

Just recently my pain levels have been increasing in leaps to the point where my sleep is affected again. There have been a few stupid moments of shooting pain where I have bent to rub then realised how futile that is. This leads me nicely on to decorating and my inability to do it.

Started the other day on what is now known as the ‘J’ lounge. The wallpaper needed stripping from one wall and a dado rail removed and repositioned elsewhere. Well, the latter was fine, I am quite good at the making of things but the wallpaper, oh boy! I didn’t realise just how many layers there were of paint and paper and one thing led to another so that before I knew where I was I was down to bare plaster. The result was that it was such a mess it had to be replastered which was something else I had to learn with better results than my stripping … I will never make a stripper!

It all needs sanding down again now which I did partially earlier to test the results but annoyingly have caused real problems for my shoulders and I don’t think I will be able to do any more later so have had to ask Matt to do it. There is already a huge mess everywhere and this can only get worse with more sanding but it’ll look OK when finished. A shame I won’t be able to use it until after Gran Canaria but as I mentioned already, it will be fun speculating who will be my first guest in the new lounge.

I say ‘on the piss’, what I really mean is plastered!

Watched V-Vendetta last night. I went on my own as it also means I can fidget as often as I like and it was brilliant, loved every minute of it and great gay undertones throughout. It was nice to walk away from the cinema without picking holes in a movie but it didn’t leave any for me to pick.

I am worried about Robbie, he’s having another flare up of his MS and suffering the poor love. Hopefully it is short lived and he’ll be feeling himself again shortly … feeling someone else I am sure would help him feel better too.

Will be interested to see how Nick gets along with his plans. If he can just stop being an ostrich he’ll be a lot more content I am sure of it.

Have not been properly talking to Martyn for a while, kinda thought it was a good idea not to share too much so we had an accumulation of things to talk about when we meet up apart from “Do you want another?” to which the answer goes without saying.

Martyn did mention something a few days back and it got me to thinking … would I feel comfortable going off to some other guys apartment on the Almendros for a shag? The more I thought about the more it got me thinking that it opens me up to poofie politics and bitchiness.

I think guys will assume me and Martyn are a couple despite our protestations to the contrary and see shagging one of us as a little victory, something to rub in. If I was sure that any such activity would remain between me and him then I’d not worry about it but I also have to be aware of Martyn’s feelings on it. I feel he wouldn’t want someone else telling them about the sex he and I had earlier. It is one thing knowing about it but another altogether having the face rubbed in to it. Sure, it is Martyn’s problem and not mine, I know that but I also know it is his holiday and he has the right to enjoy it. If I know there is a potential problem area and it is avoidable, I should do so. Not that it is likely to be much of an issue seeing as the chances of anyone I might say yes to actually asking are very small indeed.

I had another though, what do I do if a threesome is in the offing … that remains a thought because I just can’t get my head around it at the moment!

If there is one thing I am sure about with Gran Canaria it is that I am going to have a great time with Martyn because despite his own opinion, he is a fun guy to be with. For those times we are not together, I am still sure I shall have fun just because there really isn’t much else to do apart from have fun!

Girls got their hair done earlier, £114 it cost me … flippin ‘eck! I get my hair done on 5th May, best start saving my pennies

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