I think self control is over rated

I had a visitor this evening. He is a lovely guy, friendly, polite (sometimes) and probably a heart of gold but few social skills.

Now, I don’t mind folk visiting, it’s nice to be wanted but sometimes this person doesn’t get those little signs that we send out as subtle hints, that time of the evening has arrived, time to go.

So, I normally, with this person, have to refrain from subtlety and directly say it is time to go. It worked to this evening except by a stroke of bad timing or wickedness, I don’t know which, Matt decided to come down the stairs and at that point make a drink for himself and offer one to this person despite me having already told him he is leaving right now …

Anyway, with cup of tea in hand this person looks at my PDA sitting in its cradle in my office, part of my private space and notices a picture of myself, Tony and Ian and said: “what a lovely picture, of course, the question now is, which one of you dies next?”

It is at this point, dear reader, that I ask the question, is self control over rated?

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