Here we go again

Earlier on the local kids for the umpteenth time asked us to go get their ball from the garden. At around 6:15 I suggested that this be the last time today and they find somewhere else to play for now to make sure the ball doesn’t come over.

At 6:30, whilst we were eating dinner, more balls came over and, sure enough, banging on the door and the door bell sounding.

I’d just finished my dinner so went to the door and explained to the kid that I had already suggested they play elsewhere and that they would now have to wait until tomorrow for their balls.


Within moments of that there was some banging coming from behind the house. I couldn’t see anything from upstairs so went out in the garden and was confronted by a kid climbing through our now demolished fence. He stared at me for a moment then ran off.

I ran through the house to confront him but he had since gone.

Kids standing at the house behind ours claimed not to know who he was yet they were all there at the time with his, playing football and it was their ball he was trying to get.

Several adults then tried to gain access to the garden and one managed to do so, the whole incident was a little scary but more just unbelievable that anyone could be that inconsiderate.

The police were called and a statement taken. Whilst the officer was here the local kids bumped a car into the back of ours but no damage was done, they had done enough to partially dislodge his handbrake so I put a brick under his front tyre and moved my car away.

The officer then discovered that his car had been vandalised too, I mean, there really is very little hope when that sort of thing happens.

The cop is meant to come back later but whether he does or not is anyone’s guess.

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