That was the week that was (again)

Visted a care home in Kettering earlier for the second time. My previous visit didn’t show it in a good light and the timing was all wrong.

It worked out OK today and I have decided to get things moving to have Jermaine transferred there ASAP.

I was also able to get some things clarified with the PCT to get them to understand there needs to be more clarity over the financing arrangements so that I can manage Jermaine’s money better, they agreed to do this more in the future.

I made an appointment earlier to get ‘power of attorney’ over Jermaine, this should ensure no one can cut me out of the loop with regard to his care and that I can also easily act on his behalf. In other words, restoring my status as his dad and I really feel quite good about that to know I can still play an active role in his future.

Hopefully gave Nick some last minute advice with regard to his move and financing it. I suspect it’ll be put off but hopefully he’ll realise before it is too late that if he wants control over it and the ability to get the right place, he needs to have no delays.

I am so looking forward to Gran Canaria. I found out today that one of my friends from Northampton is going to be there the first week (Andy) so hopefully can meet up at some point and catch up seeing as we have not seen each other for months what with him working down in London. I can probably arrange to meet him whilst Martyn is off doing his thing on the Thursday or something unless Martyn would like to meet him as well, I just can’t remember if they have met but think so.

I meant to speak to Robbie this evening but got back way too late and I am getting a little tired myself, sorry Robin.

I have the weekend off from chores … yeah, like that is going to happen!

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