Here I go again, I hear those Trumpets Blow again …

… Taking a chance on … OK, not love but the police getting it right this time.

The officer earlier asked how we wanted to play it. Did we want him to go arrest the guy that broke down our fence or did we want to drop it altogether?

Me and the kids spoke about it for a while and decided the best thing to do was to have the officer go pay the guy a visit and tell him bluntly that he (the officer) wanted to arrest him but that we had asked him not to in the hope that he’d (the guy that did the fence in) understand we didn’t want to make things worse and maybe he could just show some respect in the future?

Thing is, we are talking about chavs here and they don’t have logical brains. My guess is that the chav will tell his chavvy mates and then we’ll get even more grief, such is life. Simply doing the right thing these days seems not to be an option.

Daisy is seeing her mum right now. She cancelled, that is, Daisy cancelled her allowed visit with mum for next week but naturally enough wanted the crap gifts Kris has got her for her birthday.

Kris has not put herself out in any way, hell, when we were down town she was reluctant even to take a break from her shopping schedule to go meet Daisy, it’s just so maddening.

I am quite tired and think I may well go have a lay down, it is my day off after all so I should be allowed that!

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