If time gets any quicker I am going to fall off!

The past couple of weeks have flown by, I mean, it was barely the other day when it was tomorrow and even that was yesterday a few days ago.

Apart from a few little bits that I shall complete tomorrow and that the main item of furniture doesn’t arrive until May 16, the ‘J’ lounge is finished and it does look quite amazing if I say so myself.

The deal I got on the TV was good, paid £55 for a 24” wide screen and it works really well. I had to go to Birmingham for it but that was OK seeing as I also needed to get some bits from IKEA … enjoyed that with some cute guys eyeing me up.

Hope you enjoyed the second part of my ‘short’ story ‘Be Careful What You Ask For’? I am not sure it flowed as much as the first chapter but then, that is because this one was just building up to something else. I am also not sure about the switch of perspective from Dave to Steve.

There is a reason why I chose the name ‘Dave’ and that is because quite often when I tell my name to people they somehow hear it as Dave and it just sticks in my mind, I have often said, who is this Dave?

It’s Daisy’s birthday today but it was a lot less than she originally had planned and the party she was to have on Saturday got totally cancelled and all down to her appalling behaviour and her insisting on telling lies even when it is stupidly obvious, hopefully she may learn something from this but I suspect I have years to go yet. Matt wasn’t much different and he’s only just stepped out the other side in the past year, he still steps back into stroppy teenager now and then when it suits him!

I may have gone a little far explaining Martyn to Simon but he seemed to want to know so it seemed like the right thing to do and I couldn’t do it in half measures else I would have been lying and that’s just not how I work.

My efforts to get to talk to more people seem to be paying off as I have been contacted by a few guys recently and have had some long chats, it proves to me I can do it if I set my mind to it, it’s just getting off my butt and doing it that is the problem!

I could go on for ages about the solicitors today and what we discussed but the only thing worth sharing on that score is that during our conversation my phone rang. Right now I am using ‘Moon Chavs’ as my ring tone (http://dizzyqueen.net/chavs.htm) and he seemed to be really amused about it, clearly he doesn’t have a fondness for chavs either!

Yesterday I confirmed to the PCT that Jermaine would be moved to Kettering and the good thing is, we all seem to be singing from the same song book now. The weird thing is, they don’t seem to be making any considerable saving from the move, she was quite open about it and the saving is negligible and doesn’t influence anything as much as the PCT would like it to!

Lucy at the PCT asked when I was off on holiday so I told her and she asked if I was going along? I told her that no I wasn’t. I was going with this tall, blonde hunky guy and she told me not to say anymore because she is a married woman and not allowed to get jealous of such things!

Finally got Robin’s network kind of set up last night, I just couldn’t get the XP machine to see there was a network but at least both machines can see the net and the laptop, which runs ’98, can see the XP desktop. Weird how the one that I thought was going to cause me problems works better than the one using XP that should have been a breeze … any possible solutions on a postcard please!

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