Just a few ‘Days’ to go now …

Until Martyn an I are off to GRan Canaria for what will be my 4th visit I think unless I have miscounted.

The weather here isn’t bad though. I am looking at lovely blue skies with those vapour trails to remind me of next week … if I don’t think about it too much I can convince myself it is hot out there too!

Myself and the girls visited Jermaine yesterday. He was there but not there. It seemed to me like he needed a bloody good cry and maybe he did. It must be terribly lonely there. I can remember when I was a kid when even overnight away from home was really upsetting. Of curse I have no idea of his level of understanding but I do so hope he simply doesn’t miss us that much but I suspect that may be the case so roll on the move to Kettering when I can visit at least once a week.

Nick kindly chemicalled me with Veet the other day but we ran out of the stuff so a little shaving was required so I do now have some itchy bits 🙁 Am looking forwad to my hair being done on Friday.

Hips, ankles and knees are painful this morning … shoulders as well but that’s a given really.

Last night I did my packing, well, most of it … little unimportant details such as my passport are still to be put in my bag!

I am feeling quite upbeat and just chilled out, a good way to be just before a holiday. Now, if I can manage to stay healthy for the duration as well, that will be a bonus!

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