My Blog Entries become less frequent

I could do a blog entry from Gran Canaria and I may but it won’t be something I’d see as an obligation, more what I would do if I was getting really pissed off or something really special had happened … don’t expect anything!

For a few hours there things collapsed with regards to my plans for the holiday. It was good in a way as it showed me just how important it was to me, how much I need the break but also how much I need to have this divider to take me on to a different level, a new stage in my life.

Pete & Stan have offered to help me out there and I’ll most likely take them up on it but it requires a visit up there (always great) just so I can see what it really entails but also because I’d hate to let them down in any way. If I don’t think I am up to the task then I’ll say so.

For my last meal at home I thought I would cook something different so we are having Jambalaya. I am particarly proud of my version of it though I may have made it just a little too spicy even for me this time around … I so hope I don’t have the shits tomorrow!

I decided it would be nice to take along a bottle of wine to GC just to give us something in the apartment. The bottle I won at the theatre was still sitting in a bad on my office floor so I grabbed that … it’s Champagne, not wine so a nice treat really. I hope Martyn is OK with Champagne … I can’t recall who it was that didn’t want any at New Years. Not sure I can drink a whole bottle!

I am thinking I have packed everything but I am sure something will have escaped me. Only just remembered towels a short time ago and that was only because I was looking for something to wrap the champagne in. Not that we need them for the apartment at all but if we go to the beach at any time, we’ll need them there.

Shall miss my little chats with Simon, Nick and Robin whilst I am away but there is no way I am costing myself a fortune on texts and calls.

So, have a lovely couple of weeks all of you. The weather doesn’t look like being so bad here in the UK next week, high teens from what I can see and no rain apart from this Sunday. I shall be thinking of you whilst basking in the tropical heat, supping beer and eating fine food


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