One final UK based entry for the next couple of weeks …

I am a little upset, I forgot earlier to say goodbye to Zoey properly, I mean, do the reminding her that I was not going to be here tomorrow when she comes home thing and I am worried she may be upset Maybe I shall call her in the morning.

If I am honest, I am also going to miss the kids terribly. We have got really close this past year since I have been totally on my own and not having them around is just going to feel so empty, I love them so much.

There are all sorts of stupid things going through my mind right now … I shall miss being able to do stuff on my PC … watch an episode of Voyager when I want to, go online, just chat to mates on MSN. That is part of my routine now but, well, the new routine of relaxing, eating and drinking crap beer won’t be so terrible either.

Right now I am sampling the delights of 103 … this I am doing safe in the knowledge that I am about to go get myself in proximity to a new supply … yay!

Just checked my hair … oh boy, I suspect that Martyn and I may be assisting each other in our respective hairstyles! The back seems to sort itself out but the front has a mind of its own, I swear it does!

It’s a shame the weather changed here, it would have been nice to be wearing the same outfit when I left Gatwick as I’d be wearing in GC … I may just dress for GC and look stupid for 5 hours before the flight, just to save hand luggage space as that is already heavy with electricals!

Ooer, I am going to GC … that’s the first time that thinking that has felt real. Up until now it has been something that was weeks to go, months even and yet, here it is.

Oh dear, another thought, Martyn gets to see the new car for the first time. It’s a nice car, I am very pleased with it but it is also up there with Martyn’s car, he may get jealous. I so hope not because sometimes it is just nice to share the good things in life. I like his car, I hope he likes mine and it don’t get any more complex than that.

Poor Steve got attacked earlier, some may know him as ‘squirrell’ from Kagoul. What a shit thing to happen and I feel he is already really low right now, poor guy. If I’d had more time I’d have driven over to make sure he was OK but under the circumstances, a phone call was the best I could manage.

Anyone reading this that knows my home telephone number … I’d appreciate a call home now and then just so the kids know they have guys thinking about them as well as me.

Bloody hell, 103 is amazing stuff! What a bugger GC is not a main member of the EU and I can’t bring a case load home! You know what this means? More trips to Spain, that’s what it means … I wonder what is so wonderful about Barcelona?

I am gutted I can’t do Florida later in the year but I had to put the kids first, get them new gear, see that the house was in order. I think I may have had to let go of my last chance to go there for a great many years, the kids, of course, will never appreciate the sacrifice and neither should they, it is written into my being a dad contract that shit will happen and I wouldn’t change a bloody thing ….

Hopefully, upon my return there will be part 2 of my story ‘Be careful what you wish for’. That really depends on how much free time I get and how much sex is avilable. If there is no sex then the free time increased quite a lot but then, my relaxations levels don’t get low enough to enable me to write … I just need to be so totally relaxed to be able to write well … we shall see.

Now, be off with you, live long and prosper, go forth and multiply … eat already, respect your mother.

Nick, great news about the loan, remember what it is for, look forward to visiting your new home … remember, there is a huge difference between renting a room and sharing a house. One means everything you own has to be in one room, the other means you can put yourself about a bit … no change there then 🙂

TTFN … I really do love all my friends, you guys are my family nearly as much as my kids are


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