A quick update

Apologies for not posting ‘part 2’ as promised. I have decided it isn’t quite ready.

Yesterday I visited Chalfont where Jermaine currently lives.

I’m not going to go into large explanations of how I feel, just give the facts as anyone that knows me will know how I feel and anyone that doesn’t can imagine well enough.

Speaking to the consultant it appears that a recent EEG showed constant epilepsy within his head. In other words, Jermaine’s life is one long seizure.

The doctor was quite blunt about it and I prefer that. He said that this level of activity is doing rapid and permanent damage to his brain and will eventually kill him and that is assuming that he doesn’t just have one last massive seizure than kills him anyway. In short, he gave the impression that Jermaine’s life expectancy is not going to be measured in a great many years. I think he was preparing me for something much sooner but only time will clarify that.

With this new information it is now reasonably certain that the Kettering home will be unsuitable as his health needs become more acute. He will remain in Chalfont for another 4 months or so or until I can find something more local that is suitable.

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