Let’s call this summer shall we? You know, just in case the end of June sees us in autumn weather of 12 C again.

I can tell you it was just a little chilly on the beach earlier on despite the 27 C it was meant to be according to the car. Sitting here in the lounge with the sun belting down on me is a different story, it is so flippin’ hot!

Visited Jermaine yesterday and he was bright and bubbly, gave me a wonderful smile when I arrived and we went outside and had some fun messing about in the grounds and he loved it. Sadly, he started to get a little wobbly on his feet and jerking a lot so I had to take him back. He got into bed and was asleep within 15 minutes after I’d had a chat with him and a hug so I left.

The journey to Gary & Toms was horrible. 4 hours it took and each decision I made seemed to be the wrong one. I left at 2:25 and headed onto the M25 which was bumper to bumper so I turned off to give the north circular a try and the same problem there. I got so delayed by those two roads that the rush hour was soon upon me and it was slow going the rest of the way. It should have taken 1:30 hours. Still, I had allowed plenty of flex time and eentually turned up just 20 mins later than I said I would.

Tom gave me Tony’s picture DVD. It didn’t work on his machine but did on mine though I noticed a few pictures I remembered were now missing. It’s a shame he didn’t have Tony’s document stuff as some of those old spreadsheets were really fascinating like the one listing every car he’d ever own and his air miles tally! I don’t think I really needed a copy of his shag chart but it would have certainly been an interesting read if I could have remembered the coding on it! I know he did show me once and it was amazing. Often wish I’d done that myself at times though I suspect my list would have been a lot shorter!

I am sensing a need for a Calais trip and also the need for a party. I was thinking that the day of the cup final would have been cool but it’s a Sunday and as a rule, folk don’t generally go partying on Sundays so maybe a rethink on that one!

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