Aww, poor blog

Yes, I am sad to say I have been neglecting my blog of late. Not that nothing has been happening but I have just been too knackered to write anything that I totally did not need to write.

My Daisy is causing concern; it seems like no punishment works anymore. As she spends most of her life being grounded it has become normal so I am thinking that I am no longer going to ground her so that she has to face up to what she is doing rather than the possibility that she can hide away then get a quick fix of badness between groundings … hell, no idea if it will work but the status quo is not an option.

My laptop has been causing me major grief. It started playing up last weekend. The majority of programs ran OK as long as no multimedia was used then it slowed down and was basically just crap. It was also taking 5 minutes to boot up. I broke my own rule and spent days trying to resolve the fault before conceding defeat and doing a rebuild. My rule is just that if a repair is going to take more than an hour or already has then a rebuild is the best option as it is just so much quicker to do that constantly trying every slight possibility which may or may not resolve the problem (and normally doesn’t). My gut feeling is that it was a memory management issue but I couldn’t pinpoint it hence the rebuild which has brought about normal resumption of use again.

Finally had the reversing sensors fitted to my car so I can start to relax again and get into those tight spaces once more!

I ran the q:dads group in Milton Keynes last night but I can’t see it going anywhere long term. True, there was one guy there that needed support and I have always believed that even if it is just one guy it is worth it but, even with that in mind, just one guy this month, it cannot be less else the group is not viable. Pascal sitting in was also maybe a little inappropriate too as he clearly has no links with gay dads in any way other than perhaps as a friend. My rule is generally that gay or bi dads and their partners are welcome but it is not for anyone else. I shall have to make that a little more clear to Pascal or any others next time. Q:dads is not a general social group.

I have not been able to get myself sorted with college or work this week which annoys me as it was marked down to do this week but events got the better of me and it wasn’t done. I shall try to do it either Monday or Tuesday next week but that’s all I shall have free as I am meeting with Si on Weds and then probably Pete & Stan on Thursday evening so won’t be back here until Friday.

Had a really great time at Gary & Toms though I think we maybe need to have a little chat regarding some delicate matters such as sexual freedoms and contact. Hell, I’d be happy to have sex with either or both of them. What I’d not be happy to do is anything that could damage their relationship as they are wonderful friends and that is the one thing, the only reason I have for visiting. That said, as with some other friends, sometimes things do happen so best to know what the nature of their relationship is first less any cock ups are made – ooer, that was not intended to have any double meaning but I think I shall leave it in anyway.

Robin is having some down times at the moment which I think has more to do with the event happening on June 25th than anything else. I know I hate birthdays generally regardless of the age increment attached to them. Honey, it’s just a day, you will still be you afterwards just the same as you were before.

Been spending quite some time with Nick recently which I have been enjoying. It’s a shame that us as a couple didn’t work and I don’t think it would work either but at least we can be great mates now. Why do I think it couldn’t work? Well, there are things that Nick does that just frustrate me and he knows what they are. It’s easy for me disconnected as I am to assist him with them but if it were directly affecting my life and my ability to be able to do anything I think it would be different and, as before, place a stress level there that neither of us need. That and I believe we have always had some differing sexual preferences and the need, certainly on his part to ‘explore’. My sex needs are quite small and probably unadventurous by comparison and that’s fine. I think the reality is I am looking for the security of a monogamous relationship now more than anything else so were I to get involved with anyone would want it on that basis so best not get involved other than as friends and have some really good times together that way.

My throat has been hurting a lot recently which concerns me, shame it doesn’t concern the hospital but certainly I’d like it sorted sooner rather than later.

Thought about Martyn once or twice recently thinking how I was hoping he’s not taking my lack of communication as anything sinister. It’s more a case really of anything we had to say was said in Gran Canaria. We’ll be meeting up next month anyhow and I’m sure we can catch up then. I have loads of mates I don’t talk to from one week to the next then when we meet up it is like we can really relax and chat forever!

Oh dear, I have chores to do today, not to mention a visit to Daisy’s school to speak to her teacher about the issues there, oh joy

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