Kids and their mates

It is driving me totally nuts that Matt seems to have no concept that this is my house and I don’t have to allow his lodgers, shags, mates or whatever they should be called to be here all the time if I don’t want to.

They contribute sod all, take what is on offer, some don’t even acknowledge I exist the rude little sods, well, short of saying what drink they want.

He stays up until all hours meaning I am not getting my valuable ‘me’ time each night before going to bed unless I stay up ridiculously late, most nights it is close on 3am. Then there is the smoking … these little girlfriends of his seems to like the ciggies and smoke out the garden with the stink of it getting directly back into the house through the open windows not to mention the smell on their clothes. If I have beer in the house it is drunk yet no one thinks to replace any of it so I don’t buy any now.

I am nervous about getting up in the night wearing just my underwear as I don’t want to bash into one of his girlies. Last night I just went to the loo and the noise from their shagging was embarrassing.

Mates in general coming here … both my garden tables are now destroyed, at least one of them by Daisy’s mates. The truth is, they just don’t even care enough to tell me about these things, its like, and these things happen and it’s so not their problem and I am just sick of it.

I spoke to the DWP and apparently they are now going to try and set up a meeting so I can be Jermaine’s appointee. As it stands at the moment, they want the Chalfont Centre to do it and that lot won’t even give me a receipt for what they have spent or tell me how much money is left. Currently all Jermaine’s money has been suspended so I am not getting any money for him at all hence why I can’t pay the Chalfont anything, it’s just stupid!

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