Apologies …

First because I hit enter instead of the right button so some may have received a blank blog entry! Second because I have not written in ages … I have been otherwise engaged.

Things are going really well with Deej and he has moved in here now, everything going fantastic for all of us. I know it is early days but things are just so right at the moment and I am not throwing that away because of some logical thoughts that I should hold fire for a while. Grab the moment with both hands and enjoy the experience.

Punting went off really well, in fact, better than my wildest dreams of how it would go. We filled at least 9 punts and more people met us in Granchester making the total tally around 63. Considering there were only 52 confirmed that is amazing and something I am sure is testimony to Tony rather than anything I would have done.

Will post some pictures shortly which will anyway be at here

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