Progress … things finally getting sorted

Just recently, for the past few months anyway I have been in a dire situation financially and we are not talking about the odd few pence off target but thousands. It looks now like I have found a legal resolution to that problem and boy is it a relief.

I have to say a huge thanks to John for helping out with it. He has been a star and fitted in with us all really well.

Looks like I also have the official status sorted for me to handle Jermaine’s benefit situation at long last. Actually met up with a very nice lady from the benefits agency who seemed most keen on using common sense, very refreshing.

Finally managed to get the DVD players sorted and new ones should be here in the next week or so.

Still need to get the situation with Jermaine sorted, waiting to hear from the PCT on that one and hopefully with good news.

John and I did the whole GUM clinic thing, just seemed like a sensible thing to do, will know in a few days if all is clear but we have no reason to suspect it isn’t.

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