Divine Intervention

Yesterday we did healing techiques at my relaxation class and I really enjoyed it. The woman I ‘healed’ seemed to think it went well for her and she felt a lot better afterwards … if I am honest, I did feel a certain ‘power’ during the process.

When I was ‘healed’ I can’t say it felt of anything much. My hips ached when I was sitting down because the chair was so high my feet never reached the ground but apart from that I didn’t feel any miracle cure but I keep an open mind on the subject.

Earlir on today I went to the hospital to see my ENT Consultant. He seemed very sheepish (what the fuck does that mean?) and there was a lawyer at the door listening in to the conversation. He kept saying how sorry he was that everything had gone so badly and that he didn’t know why things didn’t go through, he could see nothing in the notes that would have stopped me being put on the waiting list.

Anyway, to avoid yet another cock-up during my scheduled operation next week he decided to scope my throat. First it went down my throat and then my nose, neither very nice experiences. I could see what he could see on the screen and there was nothing on my vocal chords at all except a small scar … I am, it would see, cured.

Now, whether there be a connection or otherwise between the two tales above I wouldn’t like to say, I shall never know but the lump is gone and I am one happy bunny.

On another unrelated note … my car has stealth mode though I can’t find the off button. I can see it fine but apparently no one outside the car can see it so today I was cut up with some very near missis no less than 4 times on the same jouney from home to the other side of town. I don’t mean honest little mistakes or me trying to be a nutter and coming out of it badly. No, I am talking about people just pulling into me and me having to brake heavily to avoid hitting them and worse, they seemed totally oblivious to it all.

I am due to go out agian later, wish me luck as stealth mode in daylight is dangerous enough let alone at night!

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