It really is the day before Christmas

  • Twas the night before Christmas, well, afternoon really
  • We’re all for big hugs, we’re all touchy feely
  • Presents beneath our black Christmas tree they sit
  • I hope they’re all good but probably shit
  • We’ve shopped ’til we’ve dropped, go Comets, go Dixons
  • Homebase and Halfords, the lights we did fix ’em
  • Flashing and Throbbing, watched Batman and Robin
  • Ate some minced pies, some sausage and fries
  • Roll on tomorrow, it’s mad but we love it
  • Cooking the dinner, the turkey we stuff it
  • Open the prezzies we are so full of glee
  • Something for you and much more for me
  • So get thee to bed, be still, rest your head
  • put down that book, your clothing do shed
  • Dream pleasant dreams of Christmas’s past
  • Close your eyes now my love, it’s Christmas at last

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