Flippin’ ‘eck

Good news is that I am going to Gran Canaria this Monday. Add to that I had my hair done today and it looks quite cool.

On the negative side … Daisy thinks she is seeing a guy who has already spread stories around the school that they are shagging. Today I discovered she had bunked off school so I found her and took her back. Thankfully I don’t have to get to this lad to knock the shite out of him because there appears to already be a queue from amongst Daisy’s friends. The really stupid thing is, she has a guy that really cares about her and she cares about him too but she’s doing the gay thing, always looking for that perfect 10 the silly moo.

Anyway, she’s grounded again though I have added a provision that she can still see Dan, he’s the right guy and I trust him, she can’t see anyone else from her social network or talk to them for the next two weeks.

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