Sort of nervously excited

We had a family conference earlier because the kids, Matt and Daisy were bothering me big time.

It didn’t seem to go to well, no one really seemed interested at all … agreeing more to shut me up than anything else.

Afterwards Matt gave me the laptop of his to look at and on it was some holiday ideas. Not for the family or for him but for me. It seems he wants to buy me a holiday for a week very soon to help me recharge my batteries and start the year off right … bless him.

I am nervous because Matt is not the world’s best at following through so I don’t really know if I can start relaxing and looking forward to something or whether I should be practising for the speech saying it was a wonderful idea, may be next year.

Amongst the thoughts to cross my mind was this movie of his. He wants me to play one of the important roles but he is on such a tight schedule I cannot see as me not being here is going to do anything except screw things up. I did think of an alternate but it relies on Matt doing some heavy persuading.

I thought that instead of Richard playing the manager that he could play the piano teacher and the alternate love in the life of the main guy whilst the vacated managers role could be taken on by Robin, it is really such a small part anyway so well within Robin’s capabilities even if he is feeling rough.

Speaking of Robin … he’s doing very well with his eating, very pleased with him I am and he says he’s taking his medication on time too. If he continues he’ll have a good long spell of happiness this time. A few ripples maybe but then, we all get that so he shouldn’t see every bad moment as the start of something big, it’s just the normal ups and downs of life and he’ll bounce back from that the same as I do and many others do.

Hey, we have crap weather here right now … it would be good to go somewhere with a mild climate even if it rains. If I go somewhere it will be a case of out of contact for a week, I need everyone back home to know that I am safe but chillin’ and as much as I love them, this would be most selfishly me time. I have books to read, maybe some writing to do and I plan on getting a little more fit than I am right now too.

Let’s see what happens … and, now that’s written, any chance my head will let me sleep I wonder?

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