Good job the bed is comfy …

Cos I have spent a lot of time there today!

After knackering myself out yesterday I was aching anyway, add to that this cold is really tiring me out as well and I decided that bed was a good option for today.

I got up at 11 and went down to the Yumbo for breakfast, that wasn’t my plan but the cleaners were around and I wasn’t going to be relaxing for some time around the apartment so going out was my only option … the blister on my foot is playing up so wearing my sandals again was probably not my greatest idea!

Got back here at the Almendros at some time not long after midday and after having some fruit juice and a cup of tea I went back to bed where I stayed until a little after 5. This may seem like a waste of a holiday but it was nice not to have to feel guilty sleeping during the day like I do at home, here they have siesta so I was simply getting in the spirit of things. Getting up and having my coke, eating my rum and raisin fudge and reading the autobiography of Nigel Hawthorne in the glorious afternoon sunshine as wonderful.

This evening I went to ‘Silos’ and they made a huge fuss of me with all the other customers wondering who this celebrity was that had just walked in! I had a great salad starter and followed this by salmon in white wine sauce. The service, as always, was excellent, my glass was never allowed to be empty and when I asked for the bill I was given it and, bless them, a couple of tunes because they’d obviously noticed my cold.

Coming away this time, and probably because it wasn’t my idea that horrible son of mine forced me the bitch … has taught me how much I value my family and yes, of course that includes John. They are all so talented in their own way, Matt with his drawing and music, Daisy because she is just such a people person and so naturally popular though the silly thing ruins that at time because she doesn’t realise it and is so keen to impress she actually makes herself look stupid … she is, in effect, trying to convert the converted who already think she’s cool and really don’t need her to do anything to prove it. Zoey is just so terribly loving, true, she can be a moo when it is ‘that time of the month’ but most of the time she is wonderful, does excellent work in her pictures and Dad was really impressed recently with her adding up when she worked out that she needed 8 slices of bread to do sandwiches for 4 people, excellent and I was really proud of that. With Jermaine, I would have my arms removed if it would make him healthy and normal, it’s just so unfair on him and also on Matt who misses that relationship he needs with an older brother and I am sure they would have been so excellent together, the best of friends even though Matt may not have liked the competition in the battle of who was the most attractive, there would also never have been enough mirrors in the house!

Jim is coming back later though there is not a lot I can add to the convo this evening … hey Jim, I spent the day in bed, wasn’t that exciting!

I know already he’s been out to the dunes and gone Greek which has put some colour in his cheeks. *ooer*

Tonight we are doing honey rum together and no doubt putting the world to rights … for the record, no, there is nothing in the slightest bit sexual in this, I love John way too much to even consider anything like that.

Oh, and for the record, Matt is not a horrible son for sending me here, it was what I needed {minus the cold} to enable me to see the woods for the trees.

They have a BBQ here tonight, a friendly get together to enable guests to gel … no offence guys but I have no plans on gelling with anyone thank you very much!

Oh, and observation, single guys wear back backs or shirts, they do this because there is no one to rub the san tan lotion in! Though this may just be me of course!


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