Not so warm

The weather until now has been really nice, 23°C each day, a little chilly at night but only comparitively to the day time, still lovely by UK standards. Today though is windy with a distinct chill in the air which makes it feel no more than around 18°C though I suspect our signs will have it at around 21°C. Whatever the actual temperature is, it is not sunbathing weather!

Visited Pub Nestor for the first time last night. Chris was there but not Gary nor Alan from last year, no idea where they have gone, they could just be off this week I guess.

I have packed my pod (backpack) and am off for a walk. I have not eaten yet, I keep coughing which is taking my mind away from food but should I come across somewhere serving OK looking grub I shall nip in and have some.

I spoke to Ray the Respect rep and he says it’s fine for the girls to pop over here and say hi whenever they like in July as Respect is now officially straight friendly! It will be quite fun to see the reactions of the various queens around the pool to them appearing but two fingers to them I say and if that doesn’t work I shall slap them with their own handbag!

Now, which direction to go in?

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