Poor Pod

Sadly earlier on today the buckle on one side of the pod backpack snapped. It is still useable but not entirely safe anymore and is prone to arm scratching. I may have to switch to my other back pack if I go out for any time later on.

The temp today did manage 22°C but it was still quite windy and that chill was in the air. I was bad earlier and had pie and chips, not exactly very Spanish and for tea I had ham and cheese sanwiches which I made myself but at least they were all local sourced so I can attempt a claim at eating local produce!

Its just past midnight at the Los Almendros and the place is dead, not a soul about, they are probably all off clubbing at the Yumbo, I am very much thinking of bed.

Jim and I did the Yumbo earlier, he wanted to buy some towels for home and a new memory card for his camera, how exciting is that! To top it all we went in Spar and bought some groceries. Came back to the apartments, I did my sandwiches and he transferred todays pictures he had taken on to the laptop for safe keeping. We spoke for a while about his lot at home then he went back to his apartment for sleep around 10.40 I guess.

So, off to bed it is for me and I don’t mind that in the least, probably doing me the world of good and I am also drinking loads of fruit juice too so hopefully this cold should clear just in time for the flight home. We get picked up from here around 2 or 3 pm on Monday I think it is … will check more on Sunday.

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